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Import Compliance Consulting

The U.S. importer is solely responsible for his act of importing goods into USA, and is solely liable for any incurred duties, fees, and penalties upon his act of importing goods into USA. The importer will pay for any incorrect valuation, inaccurate classification, wrong country of origin marking, unqualified manufacturer, non-compliance with FDA, EPA, USDA and other government agencies' regulations. The best strategy to minimize the risks of importing goods unto USA is to get help from CBPbrokers' Import Compliance Program.

CBPbrokers will help you navigate the challenging CBP Import regulations and FDA regulations or other applicable government regulations, identify the potential risks in your current import compliance procedures, and develop a better or perfect import compliance procedures for your company.

CBPbrokers' Services include
 CBP Bond Compliance
 ISF Documentation
 Entry Documentation
 Entry Summary Documentation
 Post Entry Summary Documentation
 Drawback Entry Documentation
 Protest Documentation
 Petition for Relief Upon Receipt of Notice of Penalty, Seizure, or Forfeiture
 Import Permit Application
 Manufacturer and Product Registration and Approval with FDA
 Manufacturer and Product Registration and Approval with USDA
 Risk Assessments
 Supplier Credit and Reputation Assessment
 Strategy to Handle Antidumping Investigation
 HTS Classification
 Free Trade Agreement Compliance
 Frequent Intensive Container Examination
 Refund of Excessive Duty Payments
 Import Compliance Implementation

Your best choice to minimize risks and costs is to
Working with CBPbrokers to expedite your goods pass through CBP clearance.

The importer/exporter is solely responsible for his act of importation/exportation, and he is solely liable for the the duties, fees, and penalties upon his act of importation/exportation. The information provided on is to our best knowledge and experiences and it is not your definitive source for information. If you have any doubts or need additional clarifications, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other US government agencies are the definitive sources for your questions.